Types of Door Locks & How to Select the Right One
blogOctober 20, 2022

Door Locks – Introduction

Safety is the first thing we all want. You have to keep yourself safe from threats. To be safe on your premises, you need the best door locks. Nowadays, door locks are necessary to keep yourself, your family, and your belongings safe. 

Therefore, it is essential to have door locks so that we can live safely and securely in our homes. For different kinds of settings, we need variations of high-security door locks and protection. Without a lock, living a peaceful life is impossible. 

As most people make new houses, modern types of door locks are available in the market that give the best security and aesthetics. In addition, there are also automatic types of door locks available nowadays.

Types of Door Locks

1) Main Door Locks:

In the main door, most secure & safe locks are used. Generally, tri bolt and 6 bolts are considered the best security for your main doors. You may also choose one or two bolt locks with latch. For two side door lock, you can choose interlocking deadbolt locks. Thieves find it difficult to break into this door lock type since it has so many modules.

2) Cylindrical Lock Without Key:

A sleek and effective lock for connecting doors. When pushed, the button will prevent anyone from entering, gives you privacy. You can use a key from outside to open the lock. This lock is offered in various beautiful finishes to match your interior design. Stainless steel is used to fabricate this. It has a key-controlled lock system. It works best for the front doors. It works best for single-panel doors that are 28mm to 58mm thick. These door locks are water-resistant. This traditional door lock operates like a knob and uses a pin to lock the door.

3) Mortise door Lock:

This locking mechanism is used in doors with smooth push-and-pull motion. High security is guaranteed, and the handle provides excellent grip. It is a dual-operated door lock. Although mortise locks are supposedly stronger in comparison to cylindrical ones, their cuts may compromise door construction. They provide more leverage than cylindrical locks, last longer, and allow for more architectural compatibility with existing security systems because of their adaptability. Europa is among the best door lock company in India, the leading manufacturer of locks and other essential security solutions.

4) Padlock:

One of the most popular locking mechanisms for storefronts, garages, two side grill door and warehouses is a padlock. A decent shutter padlock is typically more durable than the basic locks with shutters. It is the best lock for shutter if you have valuables.

5) Round Locks:

The Round knob locks are also quite well known. These days, one may find them in practically every home and apartment complex. These door knob locks have a single or double cylinder locking mechanism that locks on doors. These apartment front door lock types are practical and rather simple to use, though. They are reasonably priced and widely accessible. The use of these is quite simple.

6) Tiny Deal Door Lock::

Due to the light weight of this door lock, this small deal door is utilised for less sturdy doors. It is corrosion-resistant and made of steel. It has a system of combination locks. This door lock does not have a key. It needs a padlock with four digits. It is simple and readily available.

7) Rim Door Lock / (Night Latch Lock):

Among the oldest type of locking devices for a door. Essentially, it consists of a box mounted on the wall with a latch and a deadbolt type lock. It has a sleek surface and is composed of stainless steel. It is vital because of the firm grasp.
Here are some more benefits:
● Timeless Design
● Installation takes only a few minutes.
● Locks of Commercial Quality for Residential Use
● Looks those are Crisp and Polished in a Variety of Styles
● Reliable Locking Technology assures Long-Lasting Security.

7) Digital locks

There are many ways to lock and open a door with smart locks, which are adaptable electronic door locks. In spite of the fact that many smart locks also contain a keypad and a keyhole, it is yet another advantage of smart locks to be able to close and open them using a phone or key fob. Many smart locks can also connect to home automation services and are Wi-Fi or Bluetooth enabled as well. These locks require electricity to operate the linked features, and their batteries must be changed frequently.

How to Select the Right Lock

There are many door locks, but you have to choose accordingly. Each of them is effective and serves different usability purposes. Depending upon the place of use, function and durability, you can put to use the various kinds of locks mentioned. They not only serve the purpose of providing security but also add to your space’s design element.
Europa locks have mastered the art and have been leading the home security way for over decades. It caters to all your needs under the same roof. Right from bathroom door lock to locks for your main door, we have got you all covered.

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