More Safety with High Security Locks by Europa!
blogAugust 18, 2022

If you own a property, you should think about security first! How else can you prevent theft, robberies, and damage at your business or stay? First, the door, frame assembly, and other access points must provide a high resistance level. Installing high-security locks is another technique to secure your property. They offer an additional layer of safety and security.

Your first step should be to choose the best door lock company in India, like Europa Locks, which offers nothing but the best!

More security with Europa’s Strong locks!

High-security door locks are made to offer a higher level of defence against the common assault strategies used by thieves, saboteurs, and spies, both from the outside and from within a protected area by employees, service people, or anyone else who may possess or obtain access to one or more locks. 

A building that is more likely to be targeted will generally specify gear with a high-security rating. To protect against more sophisticated forms of compromise, manufacturers create locks, deadbolts, access control systems, and other items.

Compared to standard cylinders, high-security locks are much more expensive. As a result, they are used in locations where security guards believe there is a greater risk of intrusion and compromise of the building’s resources, systems, and personnel. Because of this hardware’s apparent resistance to methods of entry that are likely to be used in an attack, insurers or government regulations frequently require its installation.

What Sets Apart High-Security Locks?

To address the shortcomings of conventional locks, high-security locks were developed. They offer increased protection to safeguard essential belongings, data and objects. High-security locks employ specific characteristics to deter theft and break-ins.

1) Composition of the Metal used in Locks 

Solid and hefty metals are used to construct good high-security locks. High-security locks shouldn’t be built using plastic components. A high-security lock’s weight will reveal whether it is mainly made of metal; metal is always heavier than plastic, so the heavier the lock, the better.

2) Bolt Strength

Strong force should not be possible to break a high-security door lock. Because of this, they use hardened steel bolts that can withstand attempts to break in by ramming, kicking, or using a sledgehammer. These impacts would bend or snap a weak steel bolt, leaving your property open to intrusion.

3) The Complexity of Lock Cylinders

It will definitely be difficult for a thief to break the lock if the lock cylinder is more challenging. A lock cylinder’s interior workings must be difficult enough to discourage thieves from bumping or imprinting the lock.

4) Drilling Safety

High-security locks are impossible to remove since they are made to withstand drilling attacks. Some locks have casings made of more rigid metal, unique metal pins, or discs positioned in the drill path. Even the lock itself is shielded against attack by metal.

5) Advanced Key Technology 

It is important to have an advanced key management system in place. It is essential to see what kind of keys come with your lock. Is it the simple one or the Europa kind? Europa keys are made by a swiss machine with interlocking mechanisms, increasing the lock level of security. Choose from a wide variety of keys with some of the most unique features at Europa Locks.

6) Anti-theft Components 

Europa Locks come with anti-theft engineering, ensuring better quality and higher security. Experts have built the locks with features that help the locks stay intact even in a forced entry situation. There are many benefits to installing anti-theft locks on your home. Not only will they make it harder for criminals to break in and steal, but they can also help protect you and your family from losses and injury. 

Advantages of investing in high-quality locks: 

Door locks or other high-security locks have the main advantage of being virtually impossible to pick. They do this by using two levels of biaxial key cutting, which results in angled incisions inside the lock that are incredibly challenging to force open by lock picking. As a result, your company will be spared the potentially disastrous theft costs.

A pick-resistant lock is useless if a determined burglar can drill the lock out of its housing. The most secure door locks have drill-resistant settings, which make it impossible to remove the locks from the doors.

It significantly lowers hazards. Locks already serve as a general deterrent to theft and minor crimes. A good lock can deter the typical lock-picking burglar from breaking into the building. By updating your system, you shield yourself, your staff, your information, and your money from even more determined thieves.

The quality of the lock components in high-security lock systems makes them helpful, in addition to the fact that they come with unique keys. These are stronger and more damage-resistant. This renders it resistant to drilling and lock-picking, two standard methods of breaking in.

Things to think about before purchasing

  • The type of door lock should be considered. There is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all lock. An outside door, a bathroom door, an interior door, etc., have diverse purposes, as do the locks on each door. This aids in selecting the kind of lock you should buy. For main/exterior doors, a smart lock or deadbolt is suitable, whereas door lever locks or door knobs are preferable for interior doors. The lock is defined in part by the material of the door.
  • Another factor to consider is where the lock will be installed on the door. Any lock must be installed correctly on the door to function to its fullest potential.
  • You must verify the lock’s brand and certification. Instead of chasing deals or low prices, look for a quality lock. The cost of a door lock shouldn’t be a deciding issue regarding safety. With certification, you may be sure that a door lock will keep your house or office secure.

It pays to avoid purchasing cheap locks since robust locks and high-quality keys are crucial for the security of residential and commercial structures. Also, remember that cheap locks make it easier for thieves and thugs to enter your property.

A primary door lock should have at least four levers, and the more levers it has, the more secure it is. Choosing keys that are hard to duplicate is best to prevent illegal replication. When purchasing a new lock, go with one that has robust security features on the keys.

Because you won’t know who has extra keys, more caution should be exercised when you buy a home or move in as a tenant. For instance, the servants of the previous inhabitants and the staff of the building contractors may have created copies. In addition, moving can be costly, so as a minimum precaution, switch the locks on the interior doors to the exterior ones if you can’t instantly purchase new ones.

Always be very careful with your spare keys. Only dependable staff should be given keys, and it is wise to have them sign for the keys to establish accountability. 

Each EUROPA lock is solidly constructed for a long lifespan and trouble-free operation. As a result, your EUROPA lock will function flawlessly and provide security for many years with little maintenance.

Dust, airborne particles, and chemicals accumulate on and inside the lock over time. They may then cause friction inside the intricate locking and keying parts, impairing the lock’s functionality.

Why Europa Locks?

With over 35 years of expertise with responsibility for the entire process (Research & Development, Design, Manufacturing, Marketing, Sales & Service), Europa guarantees complete ANTI-THEFT locking solutions for our clients. Europa team is on a mission to stop theft nationwide, making India a safe and secure country to live in and offering the highest level of peace of mind. 

What makes Europa Locks trustworthy? 

  • For competence in “ANTI-THEFT ENGINEERING,” 500+ theft site inspections and 1000+ ANTI-THEFT trials have been made.
  • Each product undergoes more than 50 ANTI-THEFT tests on real doors in a controlled environment during development.
  • 5 million installations have been completed in India by 200+ qualified experts.
  • 50+ applications and registrations for IP (Patent, Design, Etc).

Each lock and key is a work of art demonstrating the calibre and design of the company’s commitment to excellence. Using cutting-edge CNC machines, SPMs, pressure die casting/forging equipment, and electrophoretic lacquering, “EUROPA” goods are exquisitely designed and very well finished, rivalling the best in the world. Additionally, product dependability is a crucial aspect of the production process.

They continuously INNOVATE to create locks that satisfy the highest criteria for functionalities, finish, load (strength), and life (warranty).

All door locks and keys are created from ingredients that have passed rigorous laboratory testing. All EUROPA products undergo a series of strict quality control tests in all manufacturing stages that adhere to international standards. Padlocks, deadlocks, night latches, cylindrical locks, Jemmy Proof locks, furniture locks, shutter locks, and more products are available. For its clients’ benefit, EUROPA has chosen an appropriate product line to bolster the security of the homes they construct.

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