6 Effective Ways for Enhancing Front Door Security
blogAugust 9, 2022

One of the most crucial steps you can do to make your house burglar-proof is to secure your front door. According to statistics, the front door is where most burglars enter homes (source). They typically just kick it open.

Your front door’s reinforcement will help to lower the likelihood of a successful burglary. Numerous techniques are available; however, some are ineffective and cause more harm than help.
Choose the best lock for your main door, and half your job securing your home is done. 

Here are the fundamentals you need to understand to improve front door security.

1. Upgrading The Locks 

The lock you use is the most fundamental component of front door security. Locks can vary wildly in terms of security. Make sure you are not using a faulty lock that invites trouble. Picking the wrong lock is one of the issues. You must also be aware of the threats to your lock.

A top-notch lock is a need for home security. A sturdy deadbolt lock can significantly reduce the likelihood of forced entrances, including kick-ins, which are a frequent means to enter through a front door.

If you haven’t made it a point to replace your locks, check out how secure they are right now by researching the best door lock brand in India. If your front door security is not high-security, you will need to think about the expense of upgrading locks to make it more secure. Again, the deadbolt you select is more significant than the handle or keyed knob. 

The deadbolt is the most crucial lock in your arsenal for home protection since a bolt is more challenging to manipulate than a spring-loaded latch. The fundamental factor making deadbolts so crucial to home security is that you cannot adjust the bolt without turning the lock core.

2. Keeping Lock Hardware Safe

Everything placed into the door is referred to as a lock’s hardware. Unfortunately, the location of the lock is one of the security flaws in the front door construction. This is a result of the several holes that were drilled closely together. 

There will be a need for additional security if the removed components of the door are not reinforced by the lock hardware that has been placed. If you determine the general level of quality, you can decide on how much lock hardware you need to safeguard. The most crucial information is how much force your deadbolt can withstand.

Metal coverings might strengthen your lock hardware. Even if your hardware is already sturdy, installing a metal covering won’t compromise your front door. Metals and gauges are used. Your cover will need to be stronger.

3. Purchase the Proper Lock Cylinder

The lock cylinder on your door might be broken in several ways. For example, the lock may be subject to drilling, bumping, or picking attempts. A burglar can overcome your front door locks and compromise your home security somewhat simply if your door lock cylinder lacks internal safeguards to protect against these kinds of attacks.

Lock picking, bumping, and drilling attacks are typically less likely to succeed when using high-security door lock cylinders. It will be simpler to understand prevention strategies if you are familiar with the fundamentals of lock picking.

4. Fix the Door Frame And Hinges! 

The door frame and hinges are crucial components of the front door’s security. Most of the time, you can reinforce them yourself without a professional’s assistance because it is typically not a complex process.
 Front Door Security - Europa Locks

5. Secure the Windows Too!

Many of the doors are very close to the windows. Even some doors have windows or glass. If you ignore either of these issues, your front door security could suffer greatly. There are three major approaches to solving these problems. The first is to remove the glass, at least enough to prevent someone who breaks it from reaching through to operate the thumbturns on the opposite side. If your front door has a double-sided deadbolt, be aware that this is not a problem, but it cannot be regarded as an escape for emergency planning.

6. Internal Security Too! 

Interior locking mechanisms can only be operated from within the house and cannot be controlled from the outside. You cannot set up these devices while leaving or take them down when you get home if no one is there. When there are individuals inside, interior security measures are ideal.

Why Should Europa Locks Be Your Ultimate Choice?

As mentioned above, taking care of door locks is essential. Therefore, choosing the brand is important. Europa Locks offers quality locks. They have locks for all kinds of doors. 

With cutting-edge testing, R&D, and manufacturing facilities, Europa Locks is prepared to manage scenarios where customers express their specific security needs and develop alternatives. By offering timely services, including lock installation and maintenance, key duplication, lock solutions, and emergency assistance, EUROPA hopes to increase client satisfaction. Its experience of over 35 years has helped them achieve perfection in key and lock designs. 

A large cross-section of discriminating buyers in India may access the company’s cost-effective and creative product selection thanks to an impressive distributors/dealers network scattered across the nation.

The Mission “ANTI-THEFT ENGINEERING” marked the beginning of the Europa Locks adventure in 1984. After completing his studies in Germany, Dr. Pa. Joshi created this company in Pune, a cosmopolitan city with a thriving manufacturing sector. Since then, Welmade Locking Systems Private Limited has carved out a desirable place in the Indian market. Continuous development based on creative product engineering and strategic thinking has elevated the company to the position of brand leader and contributed to the excellent reputation of the EUROPA Brand.

The company produces products of an international standard that have been well-received at trade fairs like the KOLN TRADE FAIR held in Germany. The company is supported by cutting-edge technology and driven by a committed team of over 400 dynamic professionals, with 25% of them involved in design and development.

Europa Lock’s Advantage:

  • For competence in “ANTI-THEFT ENGINEERING,” 500+ theft site inspections and 1000+ ANTI-THEFT trials have been made.
  • Each product undergoes more than 50 ANTI-THEFT tests on real doors in a controlled environment during development.
  • 5 million installations have been completed in India by 200+ qualified experts.
  • 50+ applications and registrations for IP (Patent, Design, Etc).

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