Amplify your security with Europa’s Key Management Solutions!
blogSeptember 29, 2022

Improve security by implementing Europa’s Key Management Solutions.

The importance of a physical key is known to all. Along with high security doors locks, keys play a part too. It is an essential part of the entire security system. Moreover, we are shifting to a more digital world where even locks and keys are being replaced with virtual locks and access. But does that mean physical keys are of no use or on the verge of extinction? 

The answer is a big no! 

There is a downside to making your locks and keys digital. The biggest one would be how it is hackable. However, it is essential to make sure that you choose a key brand that combines advanced technologies and traditional features. 

Bridging the gap between advanced technologies and traditional lock and key concepts, Europa Locks is your ultimate choice. Europa Locks is the most preferred brand of all times for locks and keys. Their expertise of over 35 years has proven them as one of the pioneers of high-quality locks and keys. Europa Locks excels in research, manufacturing and customisation. 

Their most unique feature is that they can customise products according to your needs. Their expertise in manufacturing has ensured the best quality in their locks and keys. 

Even in the digital age, many rely on physical keys and locks for their homes and offices. 

Types of Key Management Solutions Offered By Europa Locks

Europa Locks aims to give key management solutions that fulfil all kinds of security needs of the customers. Moreover, their team of experts has the ability to customise the solutions without compromising on quality and functionality. 

The ultimate aim is to enhance the security of the space. The team is fully trained, dedicated and dynamic, enabling top-notch research and development. The team is well-versed in all the latest innovations, which is why the products offered by Europa Locks are advanced in nature. 

They are built by swiss machines, incorporating some of the most unique features in the keys. 

Access Control System

It is essential to ensure that your home or office access is controlled. Europa Locks identified the same and introduced an Access control system. This solution gave the customers a customised way of managing keys. The team can make keys with limited access and keys that act like the master key. The customer can request keys with tailored access and then can give the keys accordingly. It is suitable mainly for flats, shops, small offices and more. 

This system can help to have keys with limited access. For example, if you are a homeowner and want to give your house help a key that only opens the front door, not the master bedroom door, you can do this with Europa Locks. This ensures maximum safety and convenience.

Common Key

Suitable for society gates, terraces, homes, and offices, the common key is basically the key that opens all door locks available. This way, it increases convenience for the space owner. The customer must only carry one single key to open all the doors, drawers, or shutters. It is helpful in case any particular key is lost. Primarily this can be used for public spaces. 

Grand Master Key 

Typically used in hotels, a master key will open all locks that are otherwise opened only with their respective keys. This helps the owner of the space to keep control over the space. This kind of key management system is often used in offices, hotels and more. 

For example, in a hotel, everybody can have keys so that any staff member can assist the guests to their rooms. If one doesn’t turn up, will you keep a part of your hotel shut? No! Here comes the master key that you will have, and you can open that section even when the key owner is not coming. 

How can the keys by Europa Locks upgrade your security?

Keys are the simplest way to keep your home or shop secure. Europa Locks offers various kinds of keys and key management solutions. Europa Locks, with their expertise, have incorporated revolutionary changes in their keys. Below is a table that shows the evolution of Europa keys:


Constant innovations and research has helped Europa Locks become the most reliable brand. Today its unique features in locks and keys and its international standards have made it one of the top manufacturers. 

Below are some of the most unique features of Europa Keys:

variety of locks

Increase your security with Europa Locks and live life worry-free!

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