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Expert Lock fitting by EUROPA trained Technicians Installation for Dimple Key Door Locks and Cylindrical Locks on Free*/Chargeable basis.

Retrofitting and Installation on steel, double and special doors possible: Retrofit (replacement of existing lever Night Latch by EUROPA Dimple key Door Lock Lock by using a special adapter)

Warranty: All EUROPA products covers Warranty of 3 to 15 years depending upon various prodcuts.

Emergency Services:
Besides moving into a higher tech gear, EUROPA is also trying to establish new standards of service in this industry.

The aim is to provide greater customer satisfaction through attending Emergency situation.

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  • KEY DUPLICATION: Virtually impossible, only by manufacturer
  • MFG. PROCESS: Computerised CNC M/c
  • COMBINATION: Millions
  • SECURITY: 14 Locking Pins with Micron accuracy : UNPICKABLE
  • MATERIAL: Nickel Silver alloy (rustproof) for high wear resistance, self lubrication, long life
  • TECHNOLOGY: Latest, 3rd Generation
    (1st Generation: Lever, 2nd Generation: Pin Tumbler & 3rd Generation: Dimple Key)
  • KEY DUPLICATION: Within 48 hours from Company
    (refer warranty card)
Common Key Set Locks : (for 2 or more locks) Same combination and
key interchangeable i.e. any key can open any lock in that set.
MASTER Keying system becomes necessary mainly for large Residential, Commercial, Industrial and Institutional use. One key allows the authorised person to operate a group of Locks : each individually or differently keyed.
Such a system is a combination of keys and cylinder mechanisms that must be detailed at the design stage to meet the client's needs and cover any possible extensions in future.
Master Key : MK
All individual locks of 1 set will have separate combinations and non-interchangeable keys. The master key is the only key which can open all locks in that set e.g. 1 Master Key for all rooms on one floor.
Grand Master Key : GMK Typically kept with hotel manager which shall open rooms on all floors of 1 wing of a hotel.
Great Grand Master Key : GGMK For all wings i.e. the entire hotel.